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The Scavenger Hunt - 10 min version

Saturday 12:40pm, Sunday 2:44pm

Judy Pirelli-Wambach
All Ages
Narrative Short Film
Directed by:
Judy Pirelli-Wambach
Judy Pirelli-Wambach
Judy Pirelli-Wambach
Key Cast:
Judy Pirelli-Wambach

Judy, struggling with the loss of her mother, is on the phone possibly getting moral support and encouragement to finally go through her mother’s things. She hangs up and begins going through a box, discovering things she never knew about her mother. Judy comes across a small box containing a letter written by her late mother telling her that her father is not her birth father. Her mother tells Judy she needs time to process it and sends her on a scavenger hunt to search for his identity.
Her first stop is the china cabinet which has become a memorial for people who have passed. There are obituaries and prayer cards scattered about. Not sure where to look, Judy starts on the shelf dedicated to her mother. She finds a note tucked in her brother Joey’s bootie, telling her there is no clue here and instructs Judy to take time to remember the people who have passed. Judy acknowledges a few people in a heartwarming way and then becomes emotional while thanking her mother for getting her to remember people who have passed.
Next, Judy is sent to the stained-glass cabinet where she finds some sentimental pictures. Judy is then directed to look in a box containing her mother’s knickknack frog collection. Judy rummages through the box until she finds a bag containing a pink hotpant jumpsuit, a note and an envelope. The note mentions Judy’s ongoing desire to go out with her girlfriends, dressed like their mothers. Her mother tells her now is her chance and she should get dressed, grab her favorite drink and find out “who’s your daddy”. Dressed in her new outfit with her favorite drink, Judy hints at her mother’s sense of humor, asking how much she has to drink to be able to hear the answer. Then after a few sips, declares knowing her mother, she is ready.

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