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Narrative Film Fest

Among the art, music and drama will be the Narrative Film Fest, anchored in the historical Roxy Movie Theater in downtown Ottawa.

Day passes ($10) and weekend passes ($20) can be purchased at the Roxy Movie Theater box office.

Ugly Love

Friday 10:02pm, Saturday 7:46pm

Apartment 28

Friday 10:27pm, Saturday 8:11pm

Black Pool

Friday 6:15pm, Saturday 5:30pm


Saturday 3:27pm

Who Is It?

Saturday 11:00am, Sunday 12:40pm

Sip Boyz

Friday 10:41pm, Saturday 8:25pm

The Ledge

Friday 5:20pm, Saturday 3:30pm


Friday 9:40pm, Saturday 7:10pm

13 Slays Till X-Mas

Saturday 6:30pm, Saturday 9:10pm

Synonymous With

Friday 5:00pm, Saturday 3:10pm

No Rest For The Wicked

Saturday 1:15pm, Sunday 3:07pm

Soul Bones

Friday 5:32pm, Saturday 3;42pm

The Piss Window

Friday 10:14pm, Saturday 7:59pm

Written on a Sugar High

Friday 10:00pm, Saturday 4:30pm

May I Have This Dance?

Saturday 1:08pm, Sunday 3:10pm

Sister Tempest

Friday 6:00pm, Saturday 8:25pm

The Ribbon

Saturday 1:10pm, Sunday 2:40pm

A Most Forgettable Man

Friday 5:43pm, Saturday 3:53pm

Waking Up.

Friday 5:12pm, Saturday 3:22pm


Friday 9:30pm, Saturday 7:00pm


Friday 9:50pm, Saturday 7:20pm

Hate Is Not Welcome Here

Friday 5:27pm, Saturday 3:37pm

The Fall

Friday 1:40pm, Sunday 3:20pm

Wire Orgy

Friday 9:35pm, Saturday 7:05pm

The Get Lost Losers

Friday 7:45pm, Friday 8:10pm

Two Bad

Friday 12pm, Sunday 11am

The Benevolent Buckley Show

Friday 3:25pm, Saturday 1:40pm

The Scavenger Hunt - 10 min version

Saturday 12:40pm, Sunday 2:44pm

The Gardener : A Cautionary Comedy

Saturday 12:50pm, Sunday 2:54pm

Go Go, Boy!

Saturday 1:18pm, Sunday 2:28pm

Ms. Rossi

Saturday 1:03pm, Sunday 2:35pm

Flight of the Heron

Saturday 1:24pm, Sunday 2:15pm

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