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Artist FAQ

How do I enter my work?
Starved Rock Country FOTA 2020 Artist Registration is open from July 10, 2020-August 23, 2021. You may register your entry online at any time during that window. Registration may be completed online only; there is no paper application.

Does my entry have to be complete before I enter Starved Rock Country FOTA?
Yes. All works submitted should be in their finished state. Any accepted entries must be the same as the submitted image.

How many pieces can I enter?
Each artist may submit up to FIVE entries.

Does all the work I display have to be handmade?

It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that the work you display be your own, original, handmade work. We do not allow buy-sell, kits or mass-produced products of any kind.

How much does it cost to enter?
If you register on or before 7/26/2021 early application fee is $25 for the first image and $10 for each additional image, up to five images. If you register after 7/26/2021 is will cost $30 for the first image and $15 for each additional image, up to five images. If accepted you may choose to pay for a vendor booth that will be presented along-side other artists under one large tent, that fee is $40.

When are balances due?

You will pay for all entries upon registration. After notification of acceptance, the $40 booth fee is due by September 7, 2021.

How long before I know if I am accepted to Starved Rock Country FOTA?

All acceptance and denial emails will be sent out on September 1, 2021.

If accepted, when and where does my work need to be delivered?
All artwork must be hand delivered to the judging site, Jeremiah Joe Coffee - 807 LaSalle St. Ottawa, IL 61350, by Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. Each artist is responsible for getting their artwork to and from the site.

Can I ship my artwork?

No, all artwork must be hand delivered.

Does my juried artwork need to be framed?

Artwork should be matted, framed, and ready for hanging. We encourage plexiglass. Canvases should have finished edges. 

How large is the vendor booth?

Each vendor space is 10'x10'. No work may protrude outside of the artists booth space or inhibit a neighboring booth.

Do I need to bring my own table, chairs, or staging for the vendor booth?

Yes, all artists are to provide their own tent, weights (recommended 25lb per leg), display table, tablecloth, chairs, easels, or staging for all pieces.

Do I need to bring my own tent for the vendor booth?

Yes, along with tent weights, we recommend 25lb per leg.

Can my friend/partner/spouse/etc. vend my booth for me?

We have a lot of exciting events planned for not only the public to enjoy but also the participating artists such as workshops, demos, and educational opportunities. We would like you as the artist to be able to attend these events freely, however we do highly encourage you to be at your booth when not attending these events. Artists who decide to have a booth must be present the entirety of Saturday and Sunday whether at their booth or participating in the offered events.

Can I only exhibit for one day of the show?

You MUST exhibit both Saturday and Sunday.

Do I need to collect sales tax?

According to our government laws, all sales of tangible goods must be taxed. Sales tax varies from state to state, county to county and at times city to city. You are responsible for researching, collecting and reporting your sales and taxes. You should contact the local department of revenue for the show venue for additional information. Most of the time they have websites. At times, the local tax office does contact us for a list of exhibitors and we are required to comply.

Do I need to insure my entry?
No, however you must sign a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless agreement.

What is the procedure for adverse weather and how do I protect my booth?

Because of our city's full calendar of events, we cannot reschedule Starved Rock Country FOTO for a future weekend if adverse weather arises. If inevitable inclement weather is expected, please check this website for any updates to see if the festival has been canceled. Starved Rock Country FOTA will be held rain or shine. If we are required to cancel Starved Rock Country FOTA due to a decision made by the property or host city, we will make every effort to notify you in advance by any means we feel fit; however, no credits or refunds will be issued if we are unable to cancel prior to making any logistical or advertising arrangements. This timeline will be at our discretion. If it is decided on the spot to cancel Starved Rock Country FOTA due to hazardous weather conditions, credits or refunds will be not issued. 

What are opportunities I should be aware of during the event?

Please check our schedule of events

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